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[2024-01-18] Lots of hardware successfully replaced!
Nach wiederholten Kurzzeit-Aussetzern in der Präsenz wurde nun umfangreich Hardware getauscht. Weitere Beeinträchtigungen sollte es nicht mehr geben. Sorry für eventuell entstandene Umstände.
[2015-09-30] TeleWord firmiert um!
Wir wollen uns weiter professionalisieren. Daher wird der 1997 gegründete Geschäftsbetrieb "TeleWord, EDV Service Gregor Wersche" durch die "TeleWord UG (haftungsbeschränkt)", vertreten durch den Geschäftsführer Gregor Wersche, fortgeführt. Alle Dienste werden uneingeschränkt und unterbrechungsfrei weitergeführt. Auch sonst ändern sich weder Ansprechpartner, Telefonnummern, Anschriften, Internet-Adressen oder ähnliches. Die TeleWord-Verträge gehen über. Die Abrechnungen werden künftig durch die Gesellschaft erstellt und durch diese auch die ePayment-Auszahlungen durchgeführt. Es ist geplant, die TeleWord-Dienste in Zukunft weiter auszubauen.
[2008-09-11] On September 11th, TeleWord becomes eight years old!
The company "Gregor Wersche Computer Services", founded in 1997, implemented exactly eight years ago a successfull business idea: TeleWord, the micro-payment system. We thank you very much for the confidence of more than 17000 partners.
[2007-09-11] On September 11th, TeleWord becomes seven years old!
The company "Gregor Wersche Computer Services", founded in 1997, implemented exactly seven years ago a successfull business idea: TeleWord, the micro-payment system. We thank you very much for the confidence of more than 15000 partners.
[2007-09-03] 15000th TeleWord Partner!
Today, TeleWord welcomes its 15000th TeleWord Partner! We're very happy about this and thank you very much for the confidence.
[2007-06-27] More flexible tarif settings in the ePayment section!
Now you're also able to set odd tarifs in the ePayment section (menu item "Setup Actions". The tarif can be accurate to a Cent from 49 Cents to 49 Euros.
[2007-05-15] New Bank-Transfer-ePayment-System!
The TeleWord ePayment system for bank transfers has been fundamentally improved and brings lots of new benefits to your customers. All bank transfers will be processed automatically and almost in real time. Depending on the bank of your customer, it might take only a few minutes from the (online) bank transfer till the service is performed. If the TeleWord action is a service that can be rendered immediately, it is done right with the reception of your customers payment (e.g. an upgrad of a user account) - without the need of entering a pin number at the website afterwards. In addition the customer will be notified automatically. The system know how to handle certain problems like partial and double payments. From now the system is available in the TeleWord payment box and will be offered also for low amounts from 99 Cents (up to now only EUR 9,95 up). To simplify the way your customers pay by PayPal or by bank transfer even more, you're able to submit the parameter 'telewordemail' to the TeleWord payment box, if any is already available or know with a members account for instance.
[2007-01-22] 14000th TeleWord Partner!
Today, TeleWord welcomes its 14000th TeleWord Partner! We're very happy about this and thank you very much for the confidence.
[2006-12-31] Happy New Year!
The TeleWord team wishes all partners a happy new year!
[2006-12-24] Merry Christmas!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that your dreams come true!
[2006-11-17] System Extensions!
TeleWord has now another multi-CPU-webserver. Also the server configurations were improved. This means a significant raise in performance and spare capacities for all TeleWord partners.
[2006-11-16] System Extensions!
In the coming night from Thursday to Friday, the Teleword systems will be extended. The maintenance work is scheduled from 2 to 5 o'clock in the night and it might be that some TeleWord services will be offline for a short time.
[2006-11-09] Easier handling of German premium rated SMS newsletters!
Now, premium rated subscriptions can be linked to the TeleWord partner's area. Your customers are able to send a keyword to a shortcode to subscribe your SMS newsletter. Then you're able to send once a week for instance some news via the menu item "Subscriptions" in the TeleWord-PremiumSMS section. Each SMS costs each subscriber EUR 1,99 for instance. Your customers are able to unsubscribe at any time by sending "STOP KEYWORD". Please contact us if you're interested in such a system. However, also other solutions are posstible - just tell us your wishes. (There are setup and monthly fees for premium rated SMS subscriptions.)
[2006-11-05] It's easier now to setup TeleWord-ePayment actions!
Now you're able to use an existing ePayment action as a template for a new action. This way actions can be easily copied without the need to carry over all settings manually.
[2006-11-03] New documentation at the TeleWord SMS service!
In the section "TeleWord XMS" there is a new menu item "XMS with scripts" with a new and improved documentation which should make it easier to setup your own SMS/EMS/MMS services.
[2006-10-26] New type of action in the TeleWord ePayment section!
Now and in the ePayment section, you're able to setup by yourself actions with mixed tarifs to charge user accounts. Before, it was only possible with a work-around. Example: You host user accounts for your customers at your website. Now your customers are able to charge their accounts by paying. You're also able to grand quantity discounts like for instance: "1 flirt message for EUR 0,99; 10 flirt messages for EUR 4,99" or for example "100 credits for EUR 0,99; 5000 credits for EUR 29,99". You're productname will be counted in multiple languages with the correct grammar (usages, SMS, pieces, downloads, ...). This type of action is available via "ePayment" => "Setup Actions" => "Template: Charge Units System" or "Template: Charge User Accounts".
[2006-10-05] Improved international delivery of SMS!
TeleWord is now more redundant about the delivery of SMS messages to about 300 mobile phone networks. Important countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Spain are now better connected.
[2006-10-03] New Design!
Today the TeleWord site became a new face. After six years the design has now its third generation. The public pages before logging in have been switched already, the pages after loggin-in will follow soon. In particular the pages are now much better structured. Feedback and suggestions for further improvements are always welcome (browser incompatibilities, typos, usability, etc). Additional info 2006-10-04: Now also the new pages after the login were launched.
[2006-09-11] On September 11th, TeleWord becomes six years old!
The company "Gregor Wersche Computer Services", founded in 1997, implemented exactly six years ago a successfull business idea: TeleWord, the micro-payment system. We thank you very much for the confidence of more than 13000 partners.
[2006-08-15] Swiss PremiumSMS relaunched!
The Swiss PremiumSMS systems were relaunched and are linked now more "direct" to the mobile phone networks. We expect a higher reliability, since a redundant routing has been created. The short codes in the TeleWord ePayment box have changed automatically. Partner's individual services via own keywords are not affected.
[2006-08-14] Sales Tax in Germany will be raised! Changes in 2007!
On 2007-01-01, the sales tax in Germany will be raised from 16% to 19%. Since the net prices, German customers will have to pay, will be slightly lower, the revenues might be deducted proportionally -- depending on, if the mobile phone carriers will reduce their pricing as well.

With the new year, the default payout delay will change from 6 weeks to 8 weeks. However, the payments 4 weeks after end of month and 2 weeks after end of month will be still available the same way as before.
[2006-08-11] German PremiumSMS subscriptions available!
Now, you can implement with TeleWord PremiumSMS subscriptions for your German customers. Your customer subscribes by sending a special keyword to a special shortcode. From that time, you're able to reply with several SMS (e.g. jokes, appointment reminders, wether/stock infos, etc.). Each response will be charged to the customer with EUR 1,99 for instance. There are (relatively little) setup and monthly fees. Please contact us for further information.
[2006-08-09] 13000th TeleWord Partner!
Today, TeleWord welcomes its 13000th TeleWord Partner! We're very happy about this and thank you very much for the confidence.
[2006-08-08] Spanish PremiumSMS launched!
Now, also the Spanish PremiumSMS services are online! The TeleWord ePayment box has been extended with this Spanish payment solution and can be used by the TeleWord partners free of charge. Alternatively, it is now also possible to setup own keywords on a Spanish shortcode for individual services.
[2006-06-15] Cash-by-Call extended with a German hotline for mobile phones!
The TeleWord-ePayment-Box has been improved with an additional Cash-by-Call hotline, that also can be dialed from German mobile phone networks. Actually this was no necessary since a German mobile phone user now has three payment options: Cash-by-Call, Pay-by-Mobile and PremiumSMS. Austian and Swiss mobile phone customers were able to use the Cash-by-Call system before and this was also already possible for DE/AT/CH land line customers.
[2006-04-25] 12000th TeleWord Partner!
Today, TeleWord welcomes its 12000th TeleWord Partner! We're very happy about this and thank you very much for the confidence.
[2006-04-18] TeleWord-Box updated!
The TeleWord box has been updated and changed slightly (selection of the country). This enables us to add more languages and countries quickly. TeleWord partner do not need to update their sites since the box is loaded dynamically.
[2006-02-27] More server power, more redundancy!
After the maintenance work on our servers we've now more power for our TeleWord services. Also in the "Pay-by-Mobile" section we worked hard. Now we're able to use redundand links to the carriers. Both actions result in a higher quality level of the TeleWord services. In March we also should be able to improve our England/UK coverage.
[2006-02-24] CeBit 2006!
A part of the TeleWord team is at the CeBit exhibition in Hannover(Germany) on Thursday the 9th of March. It is possible to arrange an appointment.
[2006-02-22] New FAQ pages for theTeleWord ePayment boxes are online now!
The TeleWord ePayment boxes got new FAQ pages which are also referenced in the payment box. Customers which have problems with the payment may receive immediate help this way.
[2005-12-24] Merry Christmas!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that your dreams come true!
[2005-12-11] Graphical Statistics At The "TeleWord Hotlines"
Now, at the menu item "TeleWord Hotlines: Statistics", graphical statistics are available for your own hotlines. This only affects your individual hotlines, not the ones from the TeleWord-ePayment system (Cash-by-Call).
[2005-12-06] Hard times in the telekommunication business!
While TeleWord is well positioned, this currently does not apply to other companies. Till a short time ago, the G******** AG handles our UK hotlines. Much to our regret, we had lots of suspensions of payment; till today, we're waiting for our revenues from the UK hotlines and did not receive any money for the months NOV/DEC 2004 and MAR/APR/MAI/JUN/JUL/AUG/SEP/OCT 2005. We started already all legal measures. For this reason the UK hotline has been "automatically" removed from the TeleWord ePayment boxes. We will pay all loss of payment from our own pocket; except for one partner, but we also made an satisfying agreement here.
[2005-12-06] New Hotline Accounting System Launched!
The TeleWord-System that does the accounting for individual service hotlines has been replaced with an even more powerful and more flexible system. While the accounting for ther German 0190 hotlines was relatively easy (minutes times tarif), the accounting for German 0900 hotlines is relatively complex and every call will be accounted individually. The detailed listing of all calls now provides much more information. Unfortunately, the statistics is not finished yet, but follow at about the middle of this month. But also the new menu section "TeleWord Hotlines: Accounting" provides lots of information. New is, that German 0180 hotlines can be called now from other countries. However, there will be no revenue for calls abroad, but a tiny fee will be charged. The pricing list provides all fees and revenues. Partners which do not yet transfered their German 0190 service to German 0900 numbers are asked to do it now, since all German 0190 hotlines will be discontinued at the end of this month. To setup your German 0900 hotline, please call us or send us an email including the desired tarif (e.g. 0,99/1,99 per minute) and the planned purpose of this hotline. All other hotlines, the German 0180 hotlines or the hotlines from other countries, are not affected!
[2005-11-25] 11000th TeleWord Partner!
Today, TeleWord welcomes its 11000th TeleWord Partner! We're very happy about this and thank you very much for the confidence.
[2005-11-18] New Emergency-Hotline!
TeleWord has now a new 24h-Emergency-Hotline. The hotline is 0900 110 10 110 and can be called from the German fixed network for only 99 Cents per minute. The old 0190 hotline remains active till the end of this year.
[2005-11-16] Improved ePayment Statistics!
The ePayment statistics have been extended with some diagrams (menu item "TeleWord ePayment: Statistics (Pins)". They will make it easier for you to get an overview of all sales.
[2005-10-27] *Old* TeleWord-Boxes have changed in design!
The hotlines that have been used within the "old" TeleWord-ePayment-Boxes needed to be changed shortly. The hotlines were included to your web page with an image, but now these images have been changed centrally and link to the "new" TeleWord-ePayment-Boxes. The TeleWord partners will not need to change their web pages but are welcome to update to the new system that is now already in use for about a year.
[2005-09-11] On September 11th, TeleWord becomes five years old!
The company "Gregor Wersche Computer Services", founded in 1997, implemented exactly five years ago a successfull business idea: TeleWord, the micro-payment system. We thank you very much for the confidence of more than 10000 partners.
[2005-09-05] Swiss premium-rated SMS service online!
From now, for individual services you're also able to setup swiss premium-rated sms keywords with almost any tarifs, e.g. CHF 1 / 2 / 3 for every SMS. Typical for TeleWord, there are no setup and no monthly fees for the premium sms system; however, there are little fees for the keywords. Also all ePayment boxed have been updated and extended. Since the box is dynamically loaded from the TeleWord-Server, the is no update necessary. The tarifs EUR 0,49 (CHF 1,00) to EUR 4,99 (CHF 10,00) can be handled directly by the Swiss premium sms system; even for the higher rates the customer only needs to send one sms.
[2005-09-03] 10000th TeleWord Partner!
Today, TeleWord welcomes its 9000th TeleWord Partner! We're very happy about this and thank you very much for the confidence.
[2005-08-16] German Premium Rated SMS Tarif EUR 2,99 / SMS Available Again!
From now, we're able again to setup keywords for German premium rated sms services with the tarif "EUR 2,99/SMS". Before, only the the tarifs "EUR 0,49/SMS", "EUR 0,99/SMS" and "EUR 1,99/SMS" were available. More information is available at the menu item "TeleWord PremiumSMS: "Setup Keywords".
[2005-07-18] ePayment actions can now be classified!
T-Mobile does not allow any more charging for X-rated content with the Pay-by-Mobile-System. However, this is still possible for the other carriers Vodafone, E-Plus and O-Two. Since the affected TeleWord actions do not have a flag "X-rated"/"G-rated" (even most actions are G-rated), the T-Mobile service needed to be deactivated by default. TeleWord partner can now set the content type for the actions at the menu item "Setup Actions" to reactivate the service.
[2005-06-09] Subscriptions available soon!
Soon, it will be possible to handle not only single payments but also subscriptions with the TeleWord system. We expect to launch the system early August.
[2005-06-08] PremiumSMS-Chat-Client available!
A PremiumSMS client is available to interested TeleWord partners that can be used to setup chats via premium rated SMS. The client will be linked to a specific keyword/shortcode, all incoming messages will be displayed in realtime in the PremiumSMS client and can be replied there immediately. Starting with the second sms, the customer will not need to use the keyword again.

The client is html-based and can also be executed on a PDA. It can be used for consultation services or in addition to live-video broadcasts for instance.

A test page (operating at cost price, tarif 49 Cent each incoming message at a maximum of two reply messages for each SMS received) you can find at

Starting with the second SMS, the keyword TEST is not necessary any more. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in this system.
[2005-05-25] Session-oriented PremiumSMS available!
Now, TeleWord is also able to handle PremiumSMS sessions. Starting with the second SMS the customer will not need to use one of your keywords any more. This is very advantagous for chat services or services where the customer shall be able to answer any way (s)he wants. Please contact us for more information.
[2005-05-25] PremiumMMS available!
Now, TeleWord is also able to handle Premium*M*MS services. Images sent from your customers mobile phone can be delivered to you via Internet. Depending on the tarif there are also revenues, but also setup and monthly fees. Please contact us for further information. The service is currently only available within Germany.
[2005-04-26] TeleWord ePayment boxes now even more flexible in design!
In Past, the TeleWord-ePayment-boxes with a width of 600 pixels were to large for some partner's websites. The boxes have been revised. Now, they basically have a flexible width. Using the additional parameter telewordwidth=400 / 500 / 600 / 700 the available width within the own page design can be set (The default value is 600). The frame also can be switched off; this enables flexible designs with down to a width of 300 pixels. More information is available in the HTML code preview. Switching from the old boxes to the new dynamic TeleWord boxes is quite reasonable since the new box opens several payment systems to your customer: Cash-by-Call, Pay-by-Mobile, PremiumSMS and Bank Transfer. This means additional sales to the TeleWord partners. The old ePayment boxes (only a single graphics is included here) are not described and advertised any more since they will expire at the end of this year due to the fact that all 0190 premium rated phone numbers will go offline in whole Germany.
[2005-03-29] More Commissions!
For new partners you brought to TeleWord you will receive now even more commissions. From now and actually since first of March, you will also receive a commission for the PremiumSMS services and also for the Pay-by-Mobile services. Check out the menu item "Affiliate Programme" to see how easy it is to bring in new partners.
[2005-03-02] More flexible pricing at the epayment system!
The six tarifs in the epayment section have been extended to over 20. However, actually any amount between 49 Cent and 30 or 50 Euros can be handled -- for the Cash-by-Call system even accurate to a Cent. The Interface at the menu item "Setup Actions" (then: "Payment Options") has been extended.
[2005-03-01] Setting up your own affiliate programmes at TeleWord!
TeleWord is fully capabable to handle affiliate programmes! You can not only bring new partners to TeleWord and profit from the sales, but also you can use our technology to setup own affiliate programmes! TeleWord brings all the necessary technology, is able to transfer revenues or licensing fees between multiple accounts and does the accounting for you. Also the checks at the end of the month you don't need to issue by yourself. New is, that the partner does not need to sign up for multiple times (at your and at our site) with his personal data. Even before the new TeleWord partner receives the email with his password, the created account number and an account key is provided to the partner. With this data the new partner is able to sign up at other partner sites (yours, for instance). Using this account key you can access the personal data of the partner any time, also automatically with a script. More information is available at the menu item "Affiliate Programme".
[2005-02-22] Improved functionality at the wap-push-links!
Now, 1-time-download-links can be used and also copy-protected DRM-Content can be handled. Further information is available via the menu item "TeleWord SMS: Dokumentation".
[2005-02-07] 9000th TeleWord Partner!
Today, TeleWord welcomes its 9000th TeleWord Partner! We thank you for the confidence.
[2005-02-02] New Pay-by-Mobile payment system online!
Now, all TeleWord partners are able to profit from a new payment system. How it works: The customer enters his mobile phone number at the website; afterwards an SMS with a pin number is sent to this mobile phone. By entering this pin number at the website the customer gets access to your offer. This payment system is currently only available in Germany. The following amounts can be handled: Vodafone: EUR 0,49 + 0,99 + 1,49 + 1,99 + 2,49 + 2,99 + 3,99 + 4,99 + 5,99 + 6,99 + 7,99 + 8,99 + 9,99, T-Mobil: 0,49 + 0,99 + 1,49 + 1,99 + 2,49 + 2,99 + 3,99 + 4,99, E-Plus: 0,49 + 0,99 + 1,49 + 1,99 + 2,99 + 3,99 + 4,99. Other "odd" amounts (e.g. 5,97) cannot be charged 1:1; in this case the next higher amount will be charged. The revenues are listed in the pricing page (section "TeleWord ePayment", item "Pricing") are are higher than for the PremiumSMS system. A full functional demonstration is available here:
We will enable this system to interested partners; to do this, please tell us the account+action number. Tarifs that are not available by default need to be set by the TeleWord team. However, basically, with our payment systems any (odd) amounts from EUR 0,49 to EUR 49,99 can be handled.
[2005-01-20] MMS now with up to 300kB and up to 58% off!
From 1st of February, it is possible to send via TeleWord MMS messages with up to 300 kBytes. Now, only messages with up to 100 kBytes are possible. In addition, the cost will be reduced within the next two weeks: the pure MMS delivery for messages larger than 30 kBytes will not cost any longer 69 cents, but only 29 cents, that are 58% off. This equals the pricing for the small MMS messages with less than 30 kBytes.
[2005-01-11] PremiumSMS statistics extended!
TeleWord partners with individual PremiumSMS keywords now have access to more detailed PremiumSMS statistics including detailed charts.
[2004-12-31] Happy New Year!
The TeleWord team wishes you a Happy New Year!
[2004-12-24] Merry Christmas!
TeleWord wishes you a merry Xmas!
[2004-12-21] Design of the TeleWord now even more flexible!
The design options of the TeleWord box have been enhanced. For instance, you can disable the upper box with the action description and pricing and replace it with your individual content. You're also able to remove the frame of the lower box so you will get a very plain design. In addition to the PHP template, we're also providing now a Perl template for integration. The benefit of the new box are the new phone numbers that make the payment for your customers much more efficient. German customers for instance will only need a few seconds to make the payment. Since also the descriptions of the payment system will be downloaded just-in-time from the TeleWord server, no further updates will be necessary.
[2004-12-14] Cash-by-Call system launched as a light version!
Today some more updates on the hotline numbers in the new TeleWord box have been performed. There are no changes for the TeleWord partners since the box is dynamically loaded from the TeleWord server. Today, the Cash-by-Call system started this way as a light version (=internet only). The amount to be paid (e.g. EUR 27,68) is part of the phone number (e.g. DE: 0900-555 50 50-2768) and can be chosen accurate to a cent from EUR 0,49 to EUR 29,99. This enables the use of this payment system for shop systems. At the start of the phone call, the customer receives a pin number with which he can use the internet offer immediately. The customer can hangup immediately after receiving the pin. This makes this payment system very efficient, the call lasts only a few seconds. The amount is debited with the telephone bill. It is not any more necessary to hold the line for up to some minutes. As a result, an upgrade to the new TeleWord box is very reasonable now. Unfortunately the new system did not yet found its way into all documentation pages, this will take place in the near future. The Cash-by-Call "full version" will enable your customers to efficiently pay for cauliflower (e.g. 2 Euro 63) at the corner shop without using any pin numbers.
[2004-12-10] Xmas money payed out already!
TeleWord wishes you a merry christmas time. As a result, TeleWord performed already all outpayments, so many partners will get their revenues four weeks earlier than expected.
[2004-11-25] WAP-Push-Links available!
Though the delivery of MMS is much more elegant for the user, since the transmitted document will be displayed on the screen immediately and not after downloaded by WAP, TeleWord now offers the delivery of WAP-Push-Links for interested partners. The advantage is the reduced cost for the delivery.
[2004-11-18] 8000th TeleWord Partner!
Today, TeleWord welcomes its 8000th TeleWord Partner! We thank you for the confidence.
[2004-10-29] Hotline servers with new software!
Yesterday all hotline servers were updated step by step with a completely new software. The software is a proprietary development under linux which is a precursor for the coming cash-by-call-system. All available free and commercial products do not provide the required power and flexibility. Even the previous proprietary development that has been used for the last 4 years does not offer this power and flexibility. So if you're interested in complex and powerful hotline systems, we're all ears.
[2004-10-22] MMS content available!
In the section "TeleWord SMS", menu item "Content", Content for the MMS delivery has been provided. You can find here already about 700 images and animations for download which you can offer your homepage visitors. Also a documentation for sending monophone and polyphone ringing tones as well as sending WAV/MP3-Realtones has been provided. The MMS content can be directly combined with the templates from the HTML code preview (menu item "Setup Actions").
[2004-10-19] Section 'Accounting' revised!
The menu item "Accounting" has been revised and is now more clearly laid out, in particular for partners that are working together with TeleWord for years. New is that all receipts can be accessed here including the ones from the pre-payments.
[2004-09-18] Functionality of the MMS delivery widely extended!
From today, it is not necessary to pre-process the images for the MMS delivery any longer. Images taken with a digital camera can be sent directly without the need to resize them in advance. The dimension, the aspect ratio and the file size virtually don't matter any more. The images will be processed and recalculated at TeleWord on-the-fly. This even works for animations! The use is very simple and has been dokumented here klick. In addition, TeleWord developed a ready-to-use engine that enables your customers to upload their (animated) images and to trim them (if they want) for delivery. A sample site is available here klick.
[2004-09-11] On September 11th, TeleWord becomes three years old!
The company "Gregor Wersche Computer Services", founded in 1997, implemented exactly three years ago a successfull business idea: TeleWord, the micro-payment system.
[2004-08-05] 7000th TeleWord Partner!
Today, TeleWord welcomes its 7000th TeleWord Partner! We thank you for the confidence.
[2004-06-04] Tarifs EUR 9,95 and EUR 19,90 available!
Now, all TeleWord partners are able to offer their products and services for the tarifs EUR 9,95 and EUR 19,90, for instance for a monthly access to your site. Your visitor can choose to pay the amount by hotline (DE,AT,CH), by SMS (DE) or by bank transfer (worldwide). In addition, the hotlines became more customer-friendly: the visitor now receives a PIN number and not any more a letter-number-combination. The visitor also don't need to wait any more 1, 2 or 3 minutes to get the password, but the PIN is dictated at the beginning of the call. In long-term, more payment methods will be integrated. Under discussion are Cash-by-Call, credit cards and debit entries. Also amounts accurate to a cent and variable tarifs you will be able to use, as they are used with shop systems.
[2004-05-17] New tarif EUR 2,99 at the payment options!
Now you also can offer your ePayment/PremiumSMS actions also with the tarif EUR 2,99. For the PremiumSMS option the visitor only needs to send a single SMS. The launch of the tarifs EUR 9,95 and EUR 19,90 will follow in about 2 weeks. Your visitors will be able to pay by hotline, by SMS or by bank transfer. A credit card solution is under discussion, but would follow at a later point of time.
[2004-05-10] Payment By SMS, Extended TeleWord-Box!
For some days you're also able to offer your content by PremiumSMS. The customer sends an SMS and receives a PIN number with the response message that he needs to access your content. With own keywords you're also able to implement individual services.

The service is currently limited to all German mobile phone networks, an extension to other european countries will follow middle-term. Alternatively, an extension is possible within a couple of days and within a special agreement.

The TeleWord box has been restructured. It enables the visitor to choose interactively the payment method or the language. New is since today, that multiple tarifs can be handled within a single action. A user of the Fun-Hits-Statistics-Service at is able to choose one out of three different tarifs, either a membership of 2 weeks for about 2 Euros, 5 weeks for 4 Euros or 8 weeks for about 6 Euros.

The HTML code preview has been reorganised as well. For the most simple case it is sufficient to set a link, but also the integration of the TeleWord box into your own site is possible, such as for the Fun-Hits example.

The old TeleWord boxes remain fully functional and we extended them with a small PremiumSMS remark. However, the old boxes are not as functional as the new ones. An exchange will be advantageous. According to the first impression, the PremiumSMS payment option does not represent a shift in sales but a plus.

The new TeleWord box and the new PIN number system that came with the PremiumSMS service enable us to efficiently integrate even more payment options. Under discussion is the announced Cash-by-Call system, bank transfers, credit cards and other payment systems.

In addition and in near future, it will be possible to handle higher amounts. As a first step, the tarifs EUR 9,95 and EUR 19,90 will be introduced, enabling you to handle more expensive memberships for instance.

In long-term, not later than the integration of the Cash-by-Call system, it will be possible to handle amounts accurate to a cent and up to abount 100 Euro.
[2004-03-19] MMS now also SMIL-capable!
From now, you also can integrate SMIL script into your MMS. They enable an interactive Präsentation of the videos/pictures/musics/sounds/texts integrated in the MMS. MMS can still be sent without SMIL scripts. Further information is available at the menu item "Documentation".
[2004-03-11] MMS Delivery online!
Now, you're able to send MMS to the German mobile phone networks T-Mobile, Vodafone, E-Plus and O2. *Real* MMS will be sent and no WAP-Push-Links as used frequently by competitors.

Basically, any content can be sent which is understood by the mobile phone, for instance JPEG-Photos, GIF87A-Pictures, GIF89A-Animations, WBMP-Pictures, AMR-Sound-Files, MIDI-Musics (also polyphone) and VIDEOS, as far as supported by the mobile phone.

Sending MMS is similar to sending SMS/EMS: you simply send the HTML code of the MMS. Any included images or files will be downloaded from your server just-in-time, afterwards encoded and sent.

Further Information is available at the menu item "TeleWord SMS: Documentation", "Pricing" and "Sending an XMS". Also the HTML code preview has been extended with an MMS example.

You're welcome to have a look at the section "Sending an XMS" for composing your own MMS immediately.
[2004-03-10] 6000th TeleWord Partner!
Today, TeleWord welcomes its 6000th TeleWord Partner! We thank you for the confidence.
[2004-02-12] ePayment and XMS logfiles extended!
The logfiles for the ePayment system and the ones for sending SMS have been extended. They now contain detailed information about the sms sent as well as error information.
[2004-02-07] "Setup Action" completely new!
The section "Setup Actions" has been completely redesigned and is now online. It is not only more flexible and more complex but more understandable and clearly arranged. In particular partners with several hundret defined actions will also esteem the increase in efficiency.

The new system is also the precursor for alternative payment systems such as cash-by-call or premium SMS. Already now it is possible to setup multiple tariffs for only one action: a Members' Area can be configured in a way that the visitor gains access for one day with a 1-Minute-Password, for two days with a 2-Minute-Password and for example for 4 days with a 3-Minute-Password.
[2004-01-29] Changes at outstanding bills for German 0190/1-9 hotlines!
The Deutsche Telekom AG will not cover the risk of outstanding bills any more. As a result, all 0190 carriers will habe a new situation from 2004-02-01. From this date, the DTAG will charge back bad dept losses as it is done already for German 0900 hotlines.

Please note that if the telephone bill is not paid (because of nullity, no willingness or capacity to pay, fraudulent use) the TeleWord partner is still bound to pay the cost for the phone call connection.

For the TeleWord-ePayment-System we will try to cover the bad debt losses by our own. However, since we have no specific numbers yet we're not able to guarantee this.

Unfortunately, we were not able to inform you earlier. Please keep in mind that we will go on supporting you with our experience and competence.
[2004-01-13] TeleWord at the CallCenterWorld 2004!
On February 11th 2004 TeleWord is on the CallCenterWorld 2004 exhibition in Berlin. Appointments can be made. Till then, we expect to finish substancial improvements on the TeleWord system.
[2004-01-08] Free-SMS now only after the conclusion of the contract!
Unfortunately, several users of the free sms delivery joined TeleWord innumerable times to avoid the limitation of 3 sms per user and day. Up to now, the pure registration with TeleWord was enough to send the sms. It was not necessary to sign the contract. We feel impelled to changte this. Of course, the free sms delivery will be also free-of-charge in future.
[2003-12-31] New Year!
A happy new year 2004 to all TeleWord partners!
[2003-12-04] TeleWord pays a 'Christmas bonus'!
Because of the Christmas time, all partner outpayments took place earlier. All payments, no matter if paid by check or bank transfer, took place already today regardless of the chosen payment delay. TeleWord wishs you a Merry Christmas!
[2003-11-28] Free-SMS available!
From now, TeleWord partners are able to send SMS free of charge via the administration menu. However, this offer is currently limited to a maximum of 3 SMS per partner and day. In addition, there is a limiting total contingent which increases continuously.

Partners who are interested in subsidising SMS by placing an ad in the message are welcome to contact us. This way, for instance, you can advertise your products for as low as 5 Euros a day and send your advertisement to thousands of mobile phone customers every month.
[2003-11-25] Online-control of German 0900 hotlines!
From now, routing changes of German 0900 hotlines can be done online - as already for all other hotline types. Before, it was only possible "manually".
[2003-11-24] TeleWord-ePayment now uses in Germany a 0900 hotline, test stage!
As a test, the TeleWord-ePayment-System now uses a German 0900 hotline to check the acceptance of 0900 hotlines against 0190 ones. The test will last about a week.

The old 0190 hotline will be still listed. For callers from mobile phones this number is mandatory, since 0900 hotlines are not available via mobile networks.

The caller pays EUR 1,99 / minute, only marginally more than for the 0190 hotline. The payout will be at least on the level of the 0190 hotline, although 0900 hotlines are much more cost-intensive in operation and though there is no payment guarantee.

We currently plan to hold the 0190 hotline (additionally) as long as possible, at least till the shutdown of 0190 hotlines takes place, expected to be on 2006-01-01.
[2003-09-11] On September 11th, TeleWord becomes three years old!
The company "Gregor Wersche Computer Services", founded in 1997, implemented exactly three years ago a successfull business idea: TeleWord, the micro-payment system.
[2003-08-21] Recruitment in our marketing division!
The TeleWord-Team is looking for a reenforcement of our marketing division. If you have some time, maybe already suitable contacts, but anyway interest in recruiting some new partners for our TeleWord-ePayment-System, then we can announce you a generous participation in sales. Your revenue will be at a 2-digit percentage level of the sales. This has nothing to do with our ordinary affiliate programme. Please contact
[2003-08-21] TeleWord is looking for a Java developer!
For development and design of the interface of an EMS application TeleWord is looking for a Java coder. This is a comparatively small project. Interested people may get in touch with us by an email to
[2003-08-20] New Perl/PHP script templates for sending XMS(SMS/EMS/MMS) available!
The menu item "Documentation" in the "TeleWord SMS" section contains script templates for the programming languages Perl and PHP. They have been revised. Basically, they are downwardly compatible to the previous ones but go with some major improvements.

At first, it is no longer only possible to send text messages. Now, you're able to send any type of XMS(SMS/EMS/MMS). So you can send hassle-free Nokia picture messages with the same script, for instance.

Second, detailed error messages have been integrated into the script. Before, in an error case there was no feedback about what went wrong (e.g. invalid phone number or an invalid password). Now, the script template provides an error code. Even better: the template provides text strings in multiple languages with the title and the description of the error which can be directly used for an error page.
[2003-08-19] Extended EMS services fully implemented!
All TeleWord partners are now able to offer their customers/visitors sending EMS. The HTML code preview has changed seriously. Up to now, there were the specials "TEXTSMS", "LOGOSMS", "PMSGSMS" and "TONESMS". Now they are merged together with the EMS services to a single "XMS" special. From now, the HTML code preview provides *several* HTML code templates as well as further information about sending XMS(SMS/EMS).

Sending XMS(SMS/EMS) for your own need takes place at the menu item "Sending XMS" in the "TeleWord SMS" section. Here you can compose your own multimedia message.
[2003-08-19] XMS(SMS/EMS)-Encoding-Engine fully implemented!
The last few months, we rolled up our SMS services. The change-over is completed now. We developed a very flexible and robust engine for encoding and sending SMS and EMS. The input of the engine is an HTML code which may contain any HTML tags like for example text formattings, pictures and animations but also sounds and melodies.

<p align="center"><b><u>Happy</u> Birthday!</b></p><br>
<img src="http://my.domain/cake.gif"><br>
<sound rtttl="Birthday:d=4,o=5,b=125:8d.,16d,
<font size="4">I wish you the best!</font>

In addition an information is provided to the engine as what the HTML code shall be sent. Available options are:
  • SMS (splitted if necessary)
  • EMS (including all formattings,
    pictures, animations, sounds, melodies, ...)
  • MMS (soon)
  • Nokia Picture Messages
  • Nokia Screensaver
  • Nokia Group Logos
  • Nokia Operator Logos
  • Ringing Tones Nokia
  • Ringing Tones Sagem
  • Ringing Tones Motorola

Depending on the desired target message type, the engine generates out of the HTML code suitable SMS messages (text/unicode/binary messages). Integrated pictures will be downloaded and encoded from the server just-in-time.
The engine enables you to go to the limit of the specifications, for instance:
  • The use of unicode characters is possible. If supported by the mobile phone, Greek characters (alpha, beta, delts), Asien ones or pictograms like for example weather or currency symbols will be displayed correctly.
  • The way you may know it already from EMS capable mobile phones, there is also a way for Nokia mobile phones to put more than 160 characters in a single message - up to 372 are possible! Did we arouse your curiosity? Carefully worded, tests revealed that these messages will be correctly displayed also by some non-Nokia mobile phones.
  • Errors in the HTML code are no hassle. Our engine is very robust and knows to handle very complicated and erroneous HTML code and is even able to correct some of them automatically. For instance, the engine cannot be disoriented by wrongly nested tags ("<a></b><b></a></b>"), remarks or even JavaScript elements, invalid tags or missing brackets.

[2003-06-27] 5000th TeleWord Partner!
Today, TeleWord welcomes its 5000th TeleWord Partner! We thank you for the confidence. We also want to say thank you to our partners for using the affiliate programme "Partners Refer Partners". Without this programme, we would most likely only have half the registrations.
[2003-06-10] EMS-Suport!
Since end of Mai in use, now official: the mobile phone logos and picture messages sent via TeleWord are now not only compatible with Nokia mobile phones but also with EMS capable ones; EMS capable are lots of mobiles phones from Alcatel, Siemens, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. TeleWord partners will be able to access a much larger clientele this way. The HTML code previews have been revised, the logo editors as well. An extended EMS composer, which also enables text formatting, is in preparation.
[2003-06-03] Smaller hotline pictures available!
On request we're now also providing smaller images with the TeleWord ePayment hotlines. They easily go with the continuous text and can be accessed via the HTML code preview.
[2003-06-03] Longer validity period for TeleWord ePayment passwords possible!
In past, you were able to choose the validity period for a TeleWord ePayment passwort from 5 seconds to 4 weeks. For some applications, in particular memberships, a longer validity period might be more advantageous. Now you can set a value of up to a half year.
[2003-05-19] EU bank transfers free from 2003-07-01!
From 1st of July, the EU regulation 2560/2001 will be implemented. Within the European Union bank transfers in Euro with IBAN and BIC, e.g. from Germany to Austria, will be free of charge. Up to now our bank charges EUR 1.50 for each transfer up to EUR 12,500.00. For the non-EU-country Switzerland the fee will remain the same.
[2003-05-02] Unicode messages available!
It is now possible to send SMS with unicode characters! As a result, Chinese or Greek characters will be displayed on the recipent's mobile phone as far as the mobile phone is capable to. However, the maximum length of the SMS will be limited to 68 characters. Unicode characters can be included using the UTF-8 or the UCS-2 encoding. An example for the UTF-8 encoding is:
means "I love you" in Chinese

results to the message:
means "I love you" in Chinese

You can use the UCS-2 encoding with 'UCS|004100620063', here as an equivalent for sending 'Abc'.
[2003-04-29] Incoming SMS Service: Neue Rufnummer!
Unfortunately the mobile phone number for the incoming SMS service will be discontinued and cancelled on 31st of Mai. We will provide a new "long-term" number instead with the same functionality. We're sorry about any inconveniences.
[2003-04-13] New phone book at 'Sending an SMS'!
TeleWord partners who use the administration menu for sending SMS will be happy about the new phone book.
[2003-03-27] Software Update!
In the night form the 2003-04-01 to the 2003-04-02 the software at the TeleWord servers will be updated. This may cause a short-time interruption in service.
[2003-03-11] CeBIT 2003!
A part of the TeleWord team visits the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover, Germany on 2003-03-17. It is now possible to arrange appointments.
[2003-02-23] Statistics SMS available!
The statistics SMS keeps you up-to-date about your TeleWord sales. When using the TeleWord SMS service (without the TeleWord ePayment system), the statistics SMS warns you if your balance is low so that you can recharge your TeleWord account in time. More information is available at the menu item 'Statistics SMS' in the TeleWord-SMS-section.
[2003-02-18] CallCenterWorld 2003!
TeleWord is today and tomorrow on this exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Appointments can be arranged.
[2003-01-06] Incoming SMS!
The service for incoming SMS has been improved. Now, there is an own menu item with further information.
[2003-01-04] Lost Login Data?
Now, you can send your login data to your email account via our homepage.
[2003-01-03] Email address can now be changed by the TeleWord partners!
It is now possible that TeleWord partners change their email addresses by their own in the personal data section.
[2003-01-02] 'Skimming' profits possible!
If the generated profit is paid to the partner in total, no balance will remain in the TeleWord account at the beginning of the next accounting period. Some partners had a problem with this since it might be that SMS cannot be sent any more. This may happens if a client, that received a password via the hotline the previous month, now tries to send some more SMS with his still valid password. If this happens several time before new passwords will be received via the hotline (so that 'fresh' money goes to your account), the SMS may not be sent. Now, it is possible to set an amount (e.g. EUR 10,00) which will be kept in your TeleWord account and which will not be paid out. This way it is possible to skim the profits. The setting can be changed at your personal data.
[2003-01-02] Possibility to set a minimum payout!
Some partners had the problem that cashing checks in certain countries or international transactions involve significant banking fees. For amounts of, for example, only EUR 10,00 they might be substantial. Now, it is possible to set a minimum payout amount. Lower amounts will be carried over to the next month till they reach the limit. The banking fees thereby incurred don't carry weight. You can change the setting in your personal data.
[2003-01-01] New Year!
A happy new year 2003 to all TeleWord partners!
[2002-12-29] Commissions of the affiliate programme doubled (e.g. EUR 200.00 / month)!
The affiliate programme has been extended! The commissions for the partners you brought in and will bing in doubled since beginning of this month. In addition we introduced commissions for the TeleWord SMS and TeleWord Hotlines section. As a result it will be much more lucrative to bring in partners! How much you can earn? Let's say you advertise TeleWord in a newsletter, and ten new partners register. If each one only uses the ePayment system and gets only 5 long password calls a day, you would earn 225 Euros for that month. If these partners stay with TeleWord for a year, that's about 2700 Euros. You'll earn even more if the ePayment system is used to send SMS or if the partner is using the TeleWord Hotlines system as well.
[2002-12-24] Merry Christmas!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We thank you for your trust and are looking forward to an ongoing good partnership. Your TeleWord team.
[2002-12-23] New ideas for 2003!
Also for the coming year 2003 we're full of ideas. Another patent was submited today. This means already our fifth visit at the patent and trademark office within the last three years. We're already now looking forward to provide you with further innovative services in 2003.
[2002-12-17] Mobilkom in Austria accessible again via SMS!
It's possible again to send SMS to the mobile network Mobilkom in Austria.
[2002-12-12] TeleWord pays a 'Christmas bonus'!
Because of the Christmas time, all partner outpayments took place earlier. All payments, no matter if paid by check or bank transfer, took place already today regardless of the chosen payment delay. TeleWord wishs you a Merry Christmas!
[2002-11-26] New Logo Editors!
The logo editors for operator and group logos as well as for picture messages have been revised. They were prepared for the EMS standard. The hotline numbers changed. It is also easy now to change the basic color. All partners are appealed to update existing editors to the new version. Example: For the account number 1 and action number 4 and a gray-blue as the background color simply create a link to

or insert the page to your site as a frame. (The picture message editor is available at /public/pmsg-editor/) Further information is available at the HTML code preview.
[2002-11-26] Old Swiss ePayment Hotline Goes Offline!
At the beginning of September the ePayment system changed to a different Swiss hotline number (90 80 70). For TeleWord partners who integrate the hotlines by the provided images, the change was made automatically. The old hotline number (300 820) will go offline in December and must not be advertised any more. The old number was still part of the logo editors. All partners are appealed to update to the new version.
[2002-11-26] Maintenance took place earlier!
Contrary to an ealier announcement, the maintenence took place last night already. At 3 o'clock the presence was online again.
[2002-11-25] Improved security for all partners!
TeleWord now has a valid SSL certificate. By default, the administration area will be accessed using https. All sensitive input like for example passwords and destination phone numbers will be encrypted before transmission.
[2002-11-25] Short-time maintenance!
Due to a necessary move to a new computer center, the TeleWord internet presence will be shut down for a short time. This will happen in the night from Tuesday, the 2002-11-26 to the 2002-11-27 between 00:00 and 06:00 in the morning. Customers will not be fobed because the hotline numbers will not be displayed for the affected time. The will be no significant loss of sales because typically only a fifthith of the daily sales will be generated during the affected time.
[2002-11-09] UK calls listed separately!
Till today, in the TeleWord ePayment section, calls from the UK were combined with calls from Switzerland. Now, they will be listed separately.
[2002-10-31] New Accounting System!
The accounting system of TeleWord has been revised. This helps the TeleWord partners to keep track of the sales. Additionally, it's now possible to check out older accounting periods.
[2002-10-29] Screensavers for Nokia mobile phones!
Now, you also can send screensavers via TeleWord to nokia mobile phones. The setup is exactly the same as for picture messages. The only difference: when sending the messages, the additional text must be 'screensaver'. TeleWord then encodes the picture file to a screensaver message and sends it to the designated mobile phone. This service does not work will all nokia models.
[2002-10-21] 5 year anniversary!
Today, the 'EDV Service Gregor Wersche' (English: 'Gregor Wersche Computer Services') which founded TeleWord two years ago celebrates its 5th anniversary!
[2002-10-17] Bandwidth extension completed!
As announced, the bandwidth between our servers was now extended. There was no interruption in service due to the extension. From today, the TeleWord services will be performed even more efficient than before.
[2002-10-08] Upgrade of the webserver completed!
Last night, the announced webserver upgrade was completed successfully.
[2002-10-03] Webserver-Upgrade!
At the beginning of next week our TeleWord webserver will be exchanged with a more powerful one. This will cause most likely a short interruption in our internet presence (only for some few minutes). We thank you for your understanding. In about two weeks the bandwidth of the permanent line that links the webserver to some other computer systems (in particular four servers for answering incoming calls and some others for the accounting). Our routing and sms servers are already connected at optimal bandwidth.
[2002-10-02] Transfer of form variables in possible!
On request of a couple of TeleWord partners, in the TeleWord ePayment section it is now possible to transer form entries in case of a wrong password. This enables processing the form variables by the error page, for instance for refilling the form. In past this was only possible if the entered password is correct. When setting up the action, no data needs to be filled in to display the default error messages.
[2002-10-01] News system extended!
TeleWord partners will now see special notes or warnings regarding their particular accounts right after the login procedure if applicable.
[2002-09-21] SMS locking eased when overdrawing your account!
Till today, when overdrawing your TeleWord account significantly, the SMS services quit with an error message. This also applied to the use of unused TeleWord passwords, so it was not possible to agree the balance this way. The problem has been eased not. In case of a negative TeleWord balance, SMS still can be sent. However, it is only possible for the first two uses of a password.
[2002-09-19] New Contact Form!
From today, using the menu item 'Sending a Message' you can send messages to TeleWord. The sender will be identified and verified via the TeleWord login. This means a plus in security compared to the ordinary emails. Please use this form in future - in particular for sensitive content like for example special requests regarding the TeleWord hotlines.
[2002-09-11] On September 11th, TeleWord becomes two years old!
The company "Gregor Wersche Computer Services", founded in 1997, implemented two years ago a successfull business idea: TeleWord, the micro-payment system. We thank you very much for your confidence and the good co-operation. Our quest is to continuously improve our services. If you have suggestions of enhancement, we will be very happy about an email or a call. We're looking forward to an ongoing good partnership.
[2002-09-06] Swiss Service Phone Numbers Online!
Since yesterday, our Swiss service phone numbers are online. The caller pays CHF 4,23 gross (currently equals EUR 2,899). TeleWord pays from this a revenue of up to EUR 2,51 gross per minute. TeleWord partners who setup the phone number in September pay only a setup fee of EUR 50,00 net! As far as we know we are the service provider for Swiss service phone numbers with the best deal. Typically the setup fee is EUR 200,00 net per number. For October, we plan to raise the setup fee to EUR 150,00. A rapid setup saves money and ensures phone numbers which are easy to remember. Samples for still available phone numbers are:
CH: 0906 1 22 333
CH: 0906 321 123
CH: 0906 10 11 10
CH: 0906090333
[2002-09-04] 4000th TeleWord Partner!
Today, TeleWord welcomes its 4000th TeleWord Partner! We thank you for the confidence. We also want to say thank you to our partners for using the affiliate programme "Partners Refer Partners". Without this programme, we would most likely only have half the registrations.
[2002-09-02] Swiss Service Phone Numbers!
On Thursday, 5th of September, our Swiss hotlines will be launched. The setup and assignment of the numbers can take place already now. The caller pays CHF 4,23 per minute, from which we pay a revenue of up to EUR 2,51. The routing to the German permanent phone network is free as well as changes on the routing or the online statistics. In the interest of our partners, we managed to get some very attractive service phone numbers. Examples for still available numbers are:
CH: 0906 1 22 333
CH: 0906 321 123
CH: 0906 10 11 10
CH: 0906090333

[2002-07-28] TeleWord ePayment: design of the TeleWord box now even more flexible!
TeleWord partners with good HTML skills are now able to construct the TeleWord box more individually. Before, there were only pictures provided for an own design, in which all hotlines are listed at once. Now there are also transparent separate pictures where only a single hotline (for a single country) is displayed. Further information is available in the HTML code preview.
[2002-07-28] TeleWord Hotlines: German 0180 pricing revised!
The pricing for German 0180 hotlines has been revised. In past, innumerable 0180 hotlines have been set up. However, the bulk of these hotlines is not in use. Consequently, minimal(!) fees have been introduced to stop this trend. Hotlines which are set up already remain unaffected and free!
[2002-07-25] Multiple ways to set links to TeleWord!
From now, as a way of using the affiliate programme, it not only possible to set links to the homepage of TeleWord (e.g., the '1' equals the account number; please substitute it with yours), but also for example to other major pages. The top level domain determines the language of the page. Samples:,,
[2002-07-17] Online statistics in the section 'TeleWord Hotlines' available!
A statistics overview for all earnings of all numbers in the secion 'TeleWord Hotlines' is now available and can be found at the menu item 'Statistics'. All earnings and fees (if applicable) will be listed for all numbers. In addition, an earnings forecast will be displayed. The statistics will be extended soon. An overview of all generated minutes sorted after calendar days and numbers is in preparation. Unlike the logfiles which will be currently updated every 20 minutes, the statistics will be recalculated only every three hours.
[2002-07-17] DE-0190-6-hotlines available!
TeleWord partners are now able to use German 0190-6 hotlines. The caller pays EUR 0,41 per minute. There are no setup fees or monthly fees. TeleWord pays a revenue of up to EUR 0,14 per minute. The routing management, the statistics and the accounting is for free. The call forwarding to other countries is possible.
[2002-07-14] Online logfiles in the section 'TeleWord Hotlines' launched!
The free logfiles in the section 'TeleWord Hotlines' have been extended and completed. They are accessible via the 'Hotline Overview'.
[2002-07-11] Austrian 0930 hotlines EUR 2,16 / min available!
From now, TeleWord partners are able to setup Austrian hotlines. As far as we know, we are the very first and only service provider worldwide which offers Austrian premium rated hotlines with free online statistics and free online routing changes. The setup process happens online as well and only takes a few minutes. The caller pays EUR 1,80 net per minute plus 20% Austrian VAT (EUR 2,16 gross). TeleWord pays a revenue of up to EUR 1,51 incl. 16% German VAT. The call forwarding fee to Germany is nil (except for mobile phone targets).
[2002-07-09] IBAN transactions available!
The international bank transactions become now reality (before they were only announced). TeleWord partners who have chosen the IBAN transaction will not receive checks any more.
[2002-07-05] DE-0180-3-hotlines available!
TeleWord partners are able to use Germna 0180-3 hotlines as well. The caller pays only EUR 0,09 per minute (this equals about the 'ordinary' national rate). There are no setup fees or monthly fees. The management of the target phone number, the statistics and the accounting is for free.
[2002-07-05] DE-0190-1-hotlines available!
TeleWord partners are ready to use German 0190-1 hotlines. The caller pays EUR 0,62 per minute. There are not setup and no monthly fees. The management of the destination number, the online statistics and the accounting is free. TeleWord partners receive a revenue of up to EUR 0,35 per minute.
[2002-07-04] TeleWord Hotlines can be released!
From now, telephone numbers in the section "TeleWord Hotlines" can be easily deactivated and removed from the list. We will be happy about the return of unused numbers.
[2002-07-01] Revenue in the 'TeleWord Hotlines' section raised!
The price-quantity-scale for the German 0190-8 hotlines in the section 'TeleWord hotlines' has been revised. The payout conditions are now much more favourable. For 1,000 minutes a month (based on all hotlines of the same type) TeleWord payed before EUR 1.25 per minute, now TeleWord pays EUR 1.31 net. For 10,000 minutes a month it has been EUR 1,28 per minute, now the payout it EUR 1,35 net. Because of the new scale TeleWord partners new receive a revenue of up to EUR 1.59 (gross) per minute.
[2002-07-01] TeleWord Hotlines go down well!
It is now one month ago that the "TeleWord Hotlines" section startet. In the meanwhile, some hundret DE-0190-8 hotlines, some dozens DE-0190-7 hotlines and about 100 DE-0180-5 hotlines have been assigned. TeleWord says "Thank you" for the business confidence and hopes you will continue to favor us.
[2002-06-29] Automatic splitting of long SMS in the administration area!
From now, you're able to send longer SMS than 160 characters via the administration area. They will be automatically split and numbered consecutively. A preview window with the splitting is available as well. We hope to bring more comfort to our partners this way. You can find the specific section at the menu item "Sending an SMS".
[2002-06-13] German 0180-5 hotlines available as well!
German 0180-5 hotlines are available to TeleWord partners since today. The caller pays EUR 0,12 per minute. There are no setup fees or monthly fees. The hotline management is free, as well. TeleWord partners receive a revenue of up to 2 Ct for every generated minute.
[2002-06-13] German 0190-7 hotlines available!
By today, TeleWord partners are able to setup and manage German 0190-7 hotlines. The premium rate phone numbers can be diverted to mobile phones or phone numbers in other countries. The caller pays EUR 1,24 per minute including tax. This is much less then for the previously introduced 0190-8 hotlines (EUR 1,86/Min). TeleWord pays you a revenue of up to 89 Ct for every generated minute. As usual, there are no setup fees or monthly fees. The service can be tested without risk and with a minimum of time needed.
[2002-06-13] Further mobile phone network carriers are raising SMS fees!
On 1st July 2002, further mobile phone network carriers in Greece, Finland and Turkey will raise their SMS fees by 5 to 6 Ct per SMS (plus tax). The pricing for the TeleWord partners will not be changed. The additional fees will be covered by TeleWord.
[2002-06-04] TeleWord at the Internet-World-Exhibition!
Today and the next few days, a part of the TeleWord team deploys at the Internet World Exhibition in Berlin, Germany. There will be no fixed stand, but our mobile team is available under the following phone number: +49-175-[...].
[2002-06-01] Free TeleWord Hotlines available!
Since today, all TeleWord partners are able to setup and manage their own premium-rated service hotlines. The destination phone number can be chosen virtually free; possible are also mobile phone numbers or phone numbers in countries abroad. In the administration area of TeleWord, there is a new section "TeleWord Hotlines". The setup only takes a minute, after further 15 Minutes the hotline is ready for use. The service is absolutely free! There are not setup fees, monthly fees and no fees for changing the destination number. Optionally, every call can start with a tarif anouncement (male or female voice possible) before forwarding the call. This service is free as well. Shortly, we'll provide you online statistics about all incoming calls - free of charge. For every generated call minute TeleWord pays you up to 1 Euro 48. Simply test us! It only takes a minute of your time! Setup your own support hotline or link the hotline for example to your fax machine.
[2002-05-23] Telekom network crashed!
This morning, the TeleWord hotlines were temporarily offline. From 5:30 to 8:50 the callers only received a busy sign. The offline time was caused by a crash in the network of the "Deutsche Telekom", which is not in our scope. We're sorry about this. We do not expect a significant deduction in sales for the partners; on a typical Thursday, less then 5% of the phone calls will be made in the specific time.
[2002-05-11] SMS documentation provided!
To the section "TeleWord SMS" a menu item "Documentation" has been added. This contains not only instructions to send (free-)SMS, logos and so on, but also sample programs for sending SMS with your own scripts - one for Perl/CGI and one for PHP.
[2002-05-04] SMS transmission simplified!
Sending single SMS' for your own needs has been simplified. To make this possible, an additional item labelled "Send Single SMS" has been added to the menu.
[2002-04-24] International Bank Transfers And Extension Of The Personal Data!
TeleWord revised its base. The personal data has been improved which brings you a couple of advantages. First, a country record was added. This was urgently necessary since there are not only TeleWord-Partners in Europe, but also for example in Indonesia, India, Israel, Venezuela, Australia and Canada. For all over 3,000 partners, we pre-defined this record half-automaticly. We were not able to eliminate the chance that this data is not choosen correct in your case, so please check it. Second, from now, it is possible to add your own telephone numbers. For example, we plan to introduce an optional statistics SMS, which will be sent to the stated mobile phone number. Third, TeleWord did many preparations to introduce international bank transfers. It is expected to be much cheaper than cashing a check (about EUR 1-2 instead of EUR 5-10). Since now, you can select the international transaction at your personal data page and add the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and the BIC (Bank Identifier Code). Please ask your bank about this data if it is not already stated on your bank statement. We're basically only waiting about the starting shot of our own bank. Forth, there is a hidden record within the personal data about your prefered language. In future, it will not be necessary any more to send each partner all language versions of a newsletter. We hope to bring you more comfort with our improvements.
[2002-04-21] New Design!
The TeleWord website got a new face. Virtually all pages in both language versions were revised. This shall bring you a better overview. In case you still find an error like a missing picture, a not readable text, ... , please write us a little note so we can correct the error. Thank you very much.
[2002-04-06] Last chance for the EUR 2.00 bonus!
Partners who did not updated their sites so far should hurry up. The EUR 2.00 Bonus is only available till tomorrow. (see anouncement from 2002-03-27)
[2002-04-05] TeleWord hotlines running with backup systems!
Because of a technical incident the TeleWord hotlines were working from 15:00 to 20:00 only with the backup systems. Under these circumstances not all incoming calls were answered, but most of them. This is the first irregularity for five months. In November, an interruption in the network of the "Deutsche Telekom" caused an one hour outage. The reason for todays irregularity is not fully investigated. Most likely a voltage peak passed our emergency power systems and reached the secondary electricity network where it overcharged three mainboards in three independent computers.
[2002-03-27] EUR 2,00 Bonus for speedy updates!
The TeleWord box changed. TeleWord pays all partners two Euros who update their pages till 7th of April. We will credit the bonus to the partner's TeleWord accounts. To get the money, each TeleWord-Partner may go to the following URL:! (the "?!" is part of the URL). The plusses of this update:
* hotline updates will be taken over automatically in future
* the new UK hotline is listed
* the current AT hotline is listed
All partners are requested to perform this update!
[2002-03-27] New TeleWord box and solution for the update problem!
Unfortunately, the past showed us, that only a few TeleWord partners revised their Internet pages to update the hotlines or the TeleWord box. About half of the Austrian phone calls are done via a hotline number which has been actually shut down last year. The partners didn't update their page with the current hotline. The UK-hotline which was activated recently only appears on very few sites. To solve this problem, from now, the hotline numbers will be included by a transparent image. As soon as further hotlines will be added to our system, we are able to update this image centraly, so that all sites will be updated instantly. The TeleWord partners don't need to do anything for this - an ease to all partners. However, a single update need to be done. The TeleWord team requests all partners, to do this update.
[2002-03-15] TeleWord-Boxes revised!
Since today, the UK phone number is also listed in the TeleWord boxes at the html code preview.
[2002-03-13] TeleWord is doing more print advertising!
The current issues of the magazines "LinuxMagazin" (04/2002, page 145) and "LinuxUser" (04/2002 page 97) contains advertisements from TeleWord. Also for the next issues we're going to place advertisements.

[2002-03-13] TeleWord at the CeBit exhibition!
Tomorrow, on Thursday, a part of the TeleWord team deploys at the CeBit exhibition in Hannover, Germany. This is the largest computer exhibition in the world. There will be no fixed stand, but our mobile team is available under the following phone number: +49-175-[...].
[2002-03-13] UK-Hotline ready to use!
From today, the English market is covered by TeleWord. There is a new hotline for callers from England. The English hotline number is 0909 96 76 000 and costs GBP 1,50 per minute. Currently the retrieved and entered passwords are not shown independantly at the statistics, but they will count as the ones of another country. By Friday, the HTML-Code previews will be revised. We're currently working on a further expansion of our systems with an even wider coverage of countries.
[2002-03-06] Logfile system extended!
The logfile system for the TeleWord partners has been extended. From now, you can not only check the logfiles from the current month but also from the previous one.
[2002-03-04] New phone numbers!
Our phone numbers changed.
The new telephone number is +49-30-21 00 33-0;
the new fax number is +49-30-21 00 33-21.
This does not affect the hotline numbers.
[2002-02-26] IBAN / BIC added!
The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) have been added to the TeleWord page. International Transactions for pre-paid-services will be simplified this way. You can find the data in the section "Pre-Paid-Services".
[2001-11-30] Price of Text-SMS will be raised!
More and more mobile network carriers are introducing additional interconnection fees. Virtually everyone who wants to send SMS to the affected networks must pay these fees (numerous carriers in Germany, Fra nce, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Belgium and Italy). Till right now, TeleWord was paying these fees for you. However , because some important carriers joined this list, TeleWord is forced to raise the price for the Text-SMS from 6 Ct to 11 Ct (EUR) on 1st of January 2002. The price of the Logo-SMS and Tone-SMS is not affected! These prices will not be cha nged.
[2001-10-10] TeleWord is moving!
TeleWord is expanding. We will shortly move to the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. Yesterday, the contracts were signed. Our technical equipement moves as well. No offline time is expected. The new postal address is:
EDV Service G. Wersche
Postfach 309363
D-10761 Berlin
[2001-08-17] TeleWord now with SSL!
TeleWord is now also accessable via SSL (https). There is an additional button at the bottom right. Don't mind about the security warning: the certificate is currently not validated.
[2001-08-13] and online!
Since today, you can access TeleWord via the URLs and as well.
[2001-07-25] 2000th TeleWord-Partner!
By today, TeleWord has over 2000 registered Accounts. We say "Thank you" for the trust and our business relations.
[2001-07-09] Ringing Tone Archive Provided!
Unfortunately, this archive is in German only; for more information please switch to the German version.
[2001-07-03] Web server extensions finished!
Last night the web server has been extended. This got necessary because of the numerous partners. The were no interruptions worth to mention except that the administration menus were inaccessible for a couple of hours. We are sorry about any inconveniences.
[2001-07-03] TNT as a new TeleWord partner!
TNT is not only sending parcels but also SMS. This is done in cooperation with TeleWord. We welcome this new partner.
[2001-06-28] Extension of Uninterruptible Power Suppy!
To improve the quality of our services, we extended the uninterruptible power supply today. Now, it doesn't just cover the web servers, but also all other computer systems (for example those for answering the telephone calls).
[2001-06-22] Extension of the web server!
Because of the increasing number of partners, we will install a new web server within the next few days. The website might go down for a couple of minutes. However, we try to prevend this interruption or make it as short as possible. Thanks for your consideration.
[2001-06-03] English translation of all public pages finished!
However, some of the texts of the administration menu still need to be translated. Coming soon.